'Diablo III: Eternal Collection' is one hell of a game for Nintendo Switch

'Diablo III: Eternal Collection' is one hell of a game for Nintendo Switch

I’ll admit, I skipped Diablo III the first time. Then I skipped it the second time, and for the Necromancer expansion. But if one thing has changed since the launch of the Nintendo Switch in March 2016, it’s that I will try absolutely anything on the go.

So it sure helped to have Diablo III on my Switch on a recent trip. And man, playing it sort of felt like using a time machine.

No, that doesn’t mean the game is dated or anything, it just means that the hours just seemed to melt away as my made my way through the beginning parts of The Eternal Collection. There’s so much game here, whether it’s the “Games as a service-like” seasonal challenges, or just rolling through game’s main story with any number of classes — there’s so much here.


And this is about as feature-complete as the third of entry of Diablo can get, though that’s not exactly a new package. The Eternal Collection has already been on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (and much cheaper) but for the franchise’s first step onto a Nintendo platform, the title carries a price premium.

And though that might seem a bit hindering if you’ve owned or played the game on other consoles, there’s no part of playing Diablo III that feels like it wasn’t worth the full price of entry. It’s five years of content, on-the-go, with locked performance and undocked play that rivals the appearance of top tier mobile games.

But that’s just the main meat of the game. There’s also its multiplayer modes, which can be played as a local experience or online. Want to play with a friend with the game in tabletop mode? Just pop off the Switch’s Joycons and you’re good to go. Need to connect online? The built-in client makes it easy to join a friend’s lobby or invite them to yours. It’s also the only part of the multiplayer suite that requires a Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

There’s still the downside of actual voice communication on the Switch’s part, but that was solved with Discord on my iPhone. Not a perfect fix, but more than enough to be a quick solution.

And like any special Nintendo Switch release, there’s some exclusive Nintendo content packed into the game. You can unlock and wear Ganondorf’s The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess-inspired getup, take a Cuccoo on your journey with you as a pet, or tap amiibo to get in-game loot.


There’s even a custom Nintendo Switch console bundle (with Dock and console decals) and a Loot Goblin amiibo on its way. If you’re a Nintendo fan who just happens to love Diablo, there’s plenty out there for you to enjoy (and purchase).

When it comes down to it, Diablo III: Eternal Collection is one of the most feature-complete titles available for the Switch.

It’s a huge game that can be chipped away at during your commute, on a flight or just before bed. It easily nestles itself amongst the best of what the Switch has to offer, and that’s saying something.

Diablo III: Eternal Collection is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. A review copy was provided by the publisher.

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