15 Reasons Why Dick Grayson Is The BETTER Batman

Dick Grayson is no stranger to playing the hero. As Batman’s “Boy Wonder”, Robin took to the scene in a green and red costume to fight crime. As Nightwing, defender of Blüdhaven, Grayson made his own calls in blue and black, free from the shadow of Batman. But when Bruce met an untimely fate due to the events of DC Comics’ Final Crisis, someone had to step in and take on the cape and cowl.

The 15 Most WTF Moments From DC Rebirth (So Far)

As we drift ever closer to the one-year anniversary of the start of DC Universe Rebirth, now seems like a pretty good time reflect on the craziness of DC’s line-wide reset. (Just don’t call it a reboot.) Since the infamous one-shot released, DC Comics characters across its universe returned to their roots, bringing with them oodles of continuity and character from years of comic history.